For more than 30 years, Cipolat SA has been the reference of the international professional «Antiques and Vintage» market.

In a secure park where the supply and demand of more than 18 nationalities of exhibitors and 54 nationalities of buyers converge, a real international meeting is born. It is much more than a commercial unpacking: it is a crossroads where cultures, trends and opportunities intersect.

You’ll find in a minimum of time the equivalent of several weeks of expensive and tiring prospecting.

What really distinguishes this event is its fairness. No unloading of goods is allowed before the doors open at 08:00 sharp. This means that every exhibitor, regardless of their location, shares the same chances of captivating buyers around the world. 

You’ll find the best exclusive dealers gathering that have those “hard to find” pieces.

All the services required for an international exhibition are on site: